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  • In Leśna Oaza we apply rules of kindness and  mutual understanding.
  • Check-in begins at 2 p.m. and ends at 11 a.m. next day. Payment must be paid on arrival.
  • People who are not checked-in cannot stay in the area of our object. Our staff has the right to refuse entry of guests not checked-in, if it could break the peace of other guests.
  • Children on the playground must stay under the supervision of an adult at all times.
  • There’s a possibility to buy wood for the fireplace (10PLN/bag). If you are willing to buy one, please contact with the owner.
  • There’s a possibility to use sauna. Cost – 20PLN. If you want to use the sauna, please contact the owner.
  • In Leśna Oaza we segregate trash. Bins for plastic, paper and glass are placed next to the main gate.
  • Pets are welcome in Leśna Oaza. Guests must clean after their dogs.
  • Curfew starts at 22:00 and ends 6:00 am. Guests leaving early or returning late at night are asked to respect the silence.
  • Smoking is prohibited inside the chalet – please, use the terrace.
  • Guest agrees to pay all costs associated with repairing the damage done by him, and the people who introduced to the object area, both in the assigned chalet and on the rest of common areas. Not paying the requested amount (compensation) will cause legal proceedings.
  • For loosing the key to the chalet there is a fee in the amount of 50 PLN.
  • In case of cancellation, the deposit is not returned.